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This is a quick and simple guide to help you put together any of your Scenic Route Models MDF kits.

1. First of all you may require the following tools to help put your kit together; a craft knife, a small file, side cutters, sandpaper, PVA glue, elastic bands and some small spring clamps.

2. Using the craft knife and clippers, carefully remove any parts that may be sprued. Be careful when doing this to make sure you do not break any parts.

3. Using the file or sandpaper, clean up any rough edges or burs that may be left as a result of the kit being on a sprue. This will aid you to build the kit as the edges will then be nice and clean.

4. Dry fit the kit before introducing glue. This is a vital stage as this will allow you to see how the kit goes together. This can be especially useful if this is your first MDF kit. Use photos from eBay or our website as a reference. We try to give you as much detail as possible in our photos by going you a 360 view of the kit where necessary.

5. Using PVA wood glue, carefully build the kit, there will be a small period of time when using PVA where you can take apart the kit if you may have made any errors whilst building your kit. You may need to remove the glue and clean the MDF components first if you need to take apart the kit if you have made an error. Use the elastic bands and clips where necessary to help hold the kit together and to make sure no components come loose while the PVA glue is drying.

If you want to paint the kit, it is up to yourself if you do this before or after you build your kit. There are advantages to both options. You are best to use acrylic based paints such as Humbrol or Vallejo. Personally, I do not primer the kit before painting, but I know of many who suggest it is best, it is probably down to a personal preference. When painting the kit, use thin layers of paint, it is easier to add paint than it is to try and take it off. 

We hope that this guide is helpful. If there is anything else that we can help with, please get in touch with us at and we will help you out as much as we can.

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